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Gordon & Noble offer a wide range of services to the Utilities industry aimed at providing companies with office and field based solutions for debt and data quality issues.  We have a fantastic track record in recovering Utility debts and have some of the biggest names within the industry as clients.  Our services include;-

  • Pre-Disconnection Visits

  • Application for & Obtaining of Warrants for Entry

  • Disconnection and Meter Exchange

Pre-Disconnection Visits

This initial visit may be either of an adversarial nature where debt is involved or of an investigative type where the objective is to gather good, quality information that will enable the client to rationalise their portfolio.   Emphasis is placed on resolving such accounts without proceeding to any warrant and disconnection action, including obtaining maximum payment on overdue accounts and firm payment arrangements, together with validating change of tenancy details where appropriate.  We can also report on Voids & Vacants and identify non-registering meters to obtain up-to-date quality data.

Obtaining Warrant for Entry

Our experience and knowledge of the Scottish Court System provides our clients with an advantage in the expeditious obtainment of Warrants of Entry.  We provide the client with the full end to end process from issuing the human rights letters, preparation and lodging of application, through to court attendance.


Disconnection and Meter Exchange

Scheduling, attending and managing the isolation/ de-energisation process for both gas and electricity.  The field officer has the responsibility on the actual day for the management of the engineer and the locksmith and will ensure the client's instructions are followed to ensure a successful outcome

Fast-Track Account Services.

As a precursor to pre-disconnection visits, we offer a telephony service where we contact the premises in question and attempt to collect the arrears, proof or change of tenancy or whatever other information is required by our client.  This will reduce the amount of accounts that physically need called upon or proceed to warrant.

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