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With Messengers-at-Arms and Sheriff Officers operating throughout Scotland, we can serve all manner of Citation and Intimations including Claim Forms, Writs, Divorce, Family, Housing and Property Management.

Our Officers can enforce Decrees pronounced by the Scottish Courts by various means (collectively known as Diligence). These include;-

  • Attachment & Auction

  • Earnings Arrestment

  • Inhibition

Prior to enforcement, the first step is for the Sheriff Officer to call out to the debtor’s premises and serve a Charge for Payment ordering the debtor 14 days to settle the debt.  We will endeavour to interview the debtor in person so that he/she may explain the importance of the document.  We will endeavour to ascertain the debtor’s intention to pay and/or such information to form opinion regarding the prospects of successful recovery by means of enforcement action. 

Where the debtor cannot be found then we will make various enquiries to ensure that the person sought will receive the document if it is left at or inserted through the letter box of his dwelling place or place of business. 

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