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If Enforcement is required, then based upon information already gathered, our expert team will identify and action the most effective and efficient means of enforcement to ensure the quickest and most cost effective means of recovery.  These can include;-

  • Attachment & Auction

  • Earnings Arrestment

  • Inhibition


Should the debtor reside out with Scotland, then we will liaise with our enforcement partners throughout the UK and abroad.

Post Decree / Judgement Collection & Enforcement 

Have you or your clients obtained a Decree or County Court Judgement, but have been unsuccessful in recovering the money?  Gordon & Noble provide a specialist service to assist with recovery of ‘hard to collect’ debts.  We will provide a review and consultation of each case FREE OF CHARGE.  As part of the review, we will conduct both office and field enquiries to gather any information which could assist with recovery.  We are conscious that you will not want to throw ‘good money after bad’ and we will only make enforcement recommendations where there is a reasonable prospect of success.  All collections are provided on a commission-only basis.

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