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Housing & Property is a key sector for Gordon & Noble.  We have created a bespoke service designed specifically for Landlords both in the private or public sector and Property Management Companies to assist in the recovery of rent arrears, property management fees, trace work or the eviction of tenants.


Whether you're a landlord with one or two properties or a large company managing hundreds of properties we can assist in areas such as:

  • Collection of rent arrears or property management fees from current or former tenants/owners.

  • Collection of post judgement/written off debt on a Commission Only basis

  • Litigation and enforcement to recover rent, property management fees.

  • Tracing of absent landlords or former tenants/owners

  • Confirmation of heritable proprietor/Identification of tenants

  • Drafting and arranging service/delivery of 'notice to quit' and AT6 or any other relevant documentation (All drafting provided by partner solicitors)

  • Arranging and liaising with solicitors in the raising of court action for decrees of ejection;

  • Drafting and registering of NOPLs.

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